PuckerButt Extra Hot Signed Reaper Squeezins Hot Sauce 148ml


Rajoitettu erä Reaper Squeezins kastiketta, joka on 50% tulisempi kuin alkuperäinen! Kaikissa pulloissa on maailman tulisimman chilin luojan Smokin’ Ed Currien signeeraus.

Alkuperä: USA

Sisältö: 148 ml


Parasta ennen: 09.02.2025
Turvallinen kauppa

Ainesosat: Carolina Reaper® -chili ja etikka.


Paino 0,33 kg (kilogramma)




In the 1980’s Smokin’ Ed Currie started investigating the correlation between personal life style, habits and disease and began growing peppers at home. By the 90’s, in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Ed had raised 800 hot pepper plants in every inch of his home and the homes of family, friends and neighbors. One day in the early 2000’s, Ed’s wife Linda, realized the growing demand for his peppers needed a farm of it's own. Their much larger, USDA Organic farm now grows over 100,000 pepper plants and is one of the largest on the east coast. With extra room to experiment Smokin’ Ed, the self proclaimed mad scientist, created a Guinness world record winning hot pepper, the Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper®. Today, Ed and his team of pepper gurus can be found on the Farm- supplying intense Spice and Heat to Premier Food Providers across the globe and Crafting their own PuckerButtPepper Company Specialty Line of Spicy Sauces and Snacks.


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