Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub 365g


You don’t win BBQ Championships without knowing a thing or two about seasoning meat.

For over 13 years brothers Malcom & Waylon Reed have been cooking competition BBQ. The Killer Hogs Championship BBQ Team spent years perfecting their BBQ dry rub and now you get a chance to experience the flavor.

And this rub has it all, flavor, balance, sweetness, and a nice little kick at the end. That’s why this rub is THE BBQ RUB period. This seasoning brings out the best in everything you cook and allows you to turn out BBQ like a professional pitmaster.

Killer Hogs BBQ Rub brings out the natural flavors in meat and builds a beautiful, mahogany bark on pork, beef, and poultry. Not heavy on the salt, but it does contain salt.

Alkuperä: Mississippi, USA

Sisältö: 365 g


Code EAN: 854019006016 Osasto:


Ainesosat: Ruskea Sokeri, Sokeri, Paprika, Suola, Mausteet, Kuivattu Valkosipuli ja Appelsiininkuori, Paprikauute (Väri) E160c, Luonnollinen Maku, alle 2% Kalsiumfosfaattia E341 paakkuuntumisen estämiseksi.

Suolapitoisuus 14g/100g


Killer Hogs Barbecue

Since 2001 brothers Malcom & Waylon Reed have been cooking competition BBQ, winning the big checks and breaking hearts. Every year we take-on new challenges, go head-to-head with better and better cooking teams and refine our skills with each and every showing. But Killer Hogs has grown into way more than a competition bbq team. Killer Hogs is a BBQ Business with a full line of products distributed nationally and internationally.


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