Blazing Foods Tube Of Terror 2.0 Challenge 38g


FINALLY… a remake and improvement of the OG beast!

We started with delicious, crunchy toasted corn (aka corn nuts) and proceeded to do what we do best… make stuff spicy! We developed a new Chile-Lime seasoning blend and an all-star lineup of the world’s hottest peppers for a perfect hit of savory & searing heat. Sorry NO Pure Capsaicin Crystals this time around but we did invent a top-secret double coating process to pack a serious load of heat on each & every corn nut in the tube. Savagely Hot!

Alkuperä: USA

Sisältö: 38 g


Parasta ennen: 30.09.2023
Turvallinen kauppa

Ainesosat: Maissi, maissiöljy, Chilit (Carolina Reaper, Moruga Scorpion, 7-Pot Primo, 7-Pot Douglah, Bhut Jolokia), merisuola ja mauste.


Paino 0,06 kg (kilogramma)


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Blazing Foods

USAF Veteran, competitive BBQ Pit Master, lifelong foodie, and lover of all things spicy... David started Blazing Foods in 2017 as a mission-driven organization to support Veteran organizations and create jobs for individuals who need and deserve a second chance. We work very hard to support our local communities by preparing and donating meals to families in need (over 8,000 during COVID Q1), volunteering, mentoring, financial contributions and creating jobs.


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